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Build enterprise-grade, open-source apps 10x faster with our patented design tools.

  • Push-Button Prototyping
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Full App Source Code
  • Standard Enterprise Stack

By Anyone

Now anyone can design, collaborate, and build on powerful, open-source stacks.
Our design and automation tools offer the convenience of proprietary platforms - without the restrictions.
You own the entire run-time stack, with no vendor lock-in.

Netflix-Scale Microservices

Our microservices are built from Spring Boot (java) and Netflix OSS. Splicer generates all server-side components including model artifacts, the ORM layer, APIs, integration to Eureka registry, secondary Hazelcast cache, and Zuul API gateway. If desired, mobile data can be delivered via a separate microservice from the web application.

Angular, React Web Forms

After graphically harvesting data sets from your database schemas, you can generate web forms and the corresponding typescript data model. Other notable features are PWA support, automated test data, live reload with Webpack, Browsersync, Yeoman, Bootstrap, and automatic test cases hosted with Jest and Protractor.

Native Mobile

Splicer supports native, cross-platform development. Our tooling generates native entity classes and forms for Android (java), and IOS (Swift) using the modern MVVM design pattern. This architecture essentially extends the ORM paradigm out to mobile clients -- allowing developers to access typesafe entity classes. Eliminate technical debt of hybrid solutions, and generate your own native, mobile SDKs. Also hiring is easier because there are fewer skill-sets required.

Easy Data Model Design

Experience true Model-Driven Development (MDD) for modern, enterprise stacks. Our patented Enterprise Designer technology reads database schemas for object modeling, and model artifact generation. Simply cherry-pick complex types for various clients, and Splicer does the rest.

Model-Driven Automation

Splicer unlocks non-intrusive automation to synchronize model-related artifacts with your meta model design. Aggregate from both relational (RDBMS) and NoSQL databases to produce native models with end-to-end static typesafety. This frees up senior developers and architects from mundane system standup, and enables Agile data model iteration.

Rapid Prototyping

"Low Code" stacks slash development time by roughly 75%, and eliminate 100s of hours of API wrangling, and associated technical debt. But Splicer is the only solution that provides full-stack control at low-code cost. Moreover, we produce rapid prototypes that are production-grade rather than throw-away proof-of-concepts. Rapid prototyping with Splicer is the fastest way to get relational-data products into the hands of various stakeholders.


How do we compare to low-code platforms?

With Splicer, your enterprise stack is the low-code platform. We offer full-stack control at low-code cost - with no disruption to enterprise coding practices.

  • Backwards-compatible with existing RDBMS schemas
  • End-to-end typesafety tracked to database types and relationships
  • Data model Agility and evolution against relational data
  • Full-stack source code and security control
  • Support for native mobile apps
  • No runtime fees nor dependence on 3rd party vendors
  • Deploys as a docker container to a variety cloud vendors including AWS
  • Hyper-scalable using Netflix OSS microservices

What do our clients think about us?

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We start by centralizing your data structures to create a comprehensive, "universal" data model. With our graphical design tools, you can design your custom data model, or extract it from an existing database. This data model is what we call a "meta model" as it is an abstraction layer also loosely known as MDD.
Everything we see on applications are derivatives of data structures contained in the backend database. A centralized data model is the key to unlocking low code for the enterprise, which increases development velocity by over 50%. Moreover, a centralized data model provides better team coordination, and offers true data model agility for relational data - allowing model iteration as part of the natural development process.
We will provide graphical tools where either you can design your data model, or we can extract the data model from an existing database. Once we have the data model, we can often deploy an initial demo at no-cost. This can be handy for submitting a prototype as part of an RFP.
Splicer is designed with support for existing databases at its root. We primarily use xsd technology to extract a meta model from an existing RDBMS.
It varies, but we charge a fraction of the cost of hand-coding. Splicer is a breakthrough innovation that dramatically reduces development costs, and we pass that savings onto you. And we can usually provide a demo using your custom schema for free. Generally, we charge a nominal fee when we deliver the full-stack source code. We then have engineers available for customization at competitive rates. Please contact us below for a quote.
Splicer also supports NoSQL databases. This means you can deploy a common data model to both RDBMS and NoSQL.