You own your software

We give you ownership of your source code so that you are in control every aspect of your software without dependency on third parties.


A structured data foundation

Our tools give you the flexibility to make every change and tweak you want to create and maintain your software, just as you envision it.


Limitless customization, native compatibility

We visualize your organization’s data as components so you can easily turn it into enterprise software. Instead of creating silos, everything you create will compatible with your enterprise systems. No integration headaches needed.


Supersonic development

We bring together human ingenuity and robotic efficiency to accelerate your software development process, freeing up your teams to do the work they enjoy most.


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  • Why do I need it?

    Everything we see on applications are derivatives of data structures contained in the backend database. A centralized data model is the key to unlocking "low code" benefits for the enterprise, which increases development velocity by over 50%. Moreover, a centralized data model provides better team coordination, and offers true agility with relational data - allowing model iteration as part of the natural development process.

  • What is the process to get started?

    We provide graphical tools where either you can design your data model, or we can extract the data model from an existing database. Once we have the data model, we can often deploy an initial demo at no-cost. This can be handy for submitting a prototype as part of an RFP.

  • What about backwards-compatibility with an existing database?

    Splicer is designed with support for existing databases at its root. We primarily use xsd technology to extract a meta model from an existing RDBMS.

  • What about NoSQL?

    Splicer also supports NoSQL databases. This means you can deploy a common data model to both RDBMS and NoSQL.

  • How much does it cost?

    It varies, but we charge a fraction of the cost of hand-coding. Splicer is a breakthrough innovation that dramatically reduces development costs, and we pass that savings onto you. And we can usually provide a demo using your custom schema for free. Please see the pricing page for more information.