Free Splicer Enterprise Designer Client

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Northwind Schema Demo

Northwind is a sample small-business ERP database schema from Microsoft - though we use a version ported for MySQL. From this schema, we reverse-engineered to create the Splicer Meta Model ™, which you can download for editing with Enterprise Designer.

A supplemental overview of the Northwind schema is here.

Download Meta Model

Website Demo

Click to view the website generated from the above model. The site will ask you to register, then you can view the various CRUD forms.

Demo Login

Mobile Builds

Native mobile builds for the Northwind schema are available for Android and IOS. Please email to get access as they are only available on the Test Flight and Play Store beta sandboxes at this time.

Technology Preview FAQ

The Enterprise Designer client demonstrates how we used Splicer's patented Meta Model™ technology to generate a website and native mobile apps running on separate Spring Boot microservices. Please email if you have questions.