Why do we need it?

A single enterprise mobile client still costs over $250K. By exposing a derivative of the server model directly to your clients, Splicer automates tedious client-server coding. This slashes the TCO of enterprise software, while allowing your developers to retain their existing coding practices.

A Database Bridge for Mobile

Splicer allows you to easily map client data to structured databases. Once that relationship is established, the platform radically streamlines enterprise client-server development.

Automates Coding
  • Server API and request handlers
  • Server DAO, CRUD operations, and SQL accessing RDBMS
  • Server Object-Relational operations and translation to various client models
  • Client DAO compatible with MVC base classes
  • Standardized client Http connection management and exceptions
  • Standardized client data parsing

We Design Like You Do

Take your functional screen designs, then map them to your backend data structures using our simple GUI tools. Our tools then generate the client model objects, which gives your developer the context she needs to start coding.

More than just an "API"

We streamline enterprise client-server development such that the API is just another artifact for us. We abstract out the API, server, and its model to the benefit of the mobile coder; he instead codes to classes that represent the entire server context.

Our console is minimal, and focused on model-related artifacts. Changes to your model then produces native code for Android and IOS. Make your developers more productive without being constrained by hybrid tools or platforms.

Enabling App "Portfolios"

Your apps are valuable assets. Manage more than just your API: create an app portfolio instead. Our system supports multiple perspectives into the server model -- enabling "portfolios" or suites of mobile apps.

Better organization: These perspectives are a component of user stories that a functional designer creates. Moreover, Splicer allows both developers and functional managers to manage a holistic system model. By graphically defining such functionality, the client developer can stay focused on "front end" programming tasks -- much like a "front end" web developer does.

Leverage your existing model to deliver suites of mobile apps. And develop completely in parallel -- minimalizing the burden upon existing infrastrcuture, engineers, and domain experts.

Integrate Deeper: GUI visualizes the bridge between client objects and structured data
  • No server coding required to fetch structured data
  • Re-purpose existing server model artifacts
  • Visually concoct SQL joins to customize client object extraction from relational databases like Oracle, Postgres, and Mysql
  • Re-use model objects to develop sets of apps
  • Visually control the relationship between client object databases and backend databases
  • Audit data structure details to minimize payloads
  • Supports synchronization
  • As a general purpose J2EE server, can modify it for other uses

Generate client models from your database schema
  • Conveniently integrate relational databases like MySql into mobile apps
  • Generate custom mobile SDKs by splicing your system model into your apps

Simple, Effective Enterprise Mobile. That's Splicer: designed from the ground-up for today's complex, hetrogeneous, mobile engineering challenges. The future of enterprise mobile has arrived.

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