Low Code Tooling for Enterprise Stacks

    A simple upgrade path for the Enterprise

The Mobile Challenge
Demand for mobile app development will grow 5x faster than IT capacity - Gartner (through 2021)

"Low code" stacks slash development time by roughly 75% as reported by multiple vendors. These other vendors, however, require you to re-learn development in a non-standard coding environment.

No More Runtime Fees
Open Source stacks provide long-term viability -- free from proprietary constraints
Splicer unlocks full-stack options within low code development
Own your stack instead of renting one

Apply low code efficiencies to your stack today!

Generate Native Data Models and Forms for Enterprise Stacks

Follow the instructions in our how to implement low code for free blog post, and and then upload your CAM template:

Our server will process your template and return client-server model artifacts. To run them, follow the readme instructions in our sample Spring-JPA stack.

    We can help introduce low code productivity to your Enterprise environment.
    We also sell commercial products that surpass proprietary, low code platforms.
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