A Mobile Data Pipeline
Splicer alleviates technical debt and code brittleness via declarative, agile data models for relational data. We leverage these models to extend Hibernate ORM to “the edge”. By exposing business semantics directly to clients, we convert Spring-based java servers into typesafe, full-stack, data pipelines for native mobile apps.

NoSQL Data Agility
Splicer brings data agility associated with NoSQL to relational data. Static data type-checking enables rapid, NoSQL-paced coding, and keeps your pipeline working smoothly as it evolves. Finally, we have Agile data for the Agile Enterprise.

How Does It Work?
Splicer ingests your database schema and provides a drag-and-drop UI for single-source access, modeling, and generation of data model objects. Mobile coders can then access DAOs directly on the clients.

Why Splicer?
With the increasing demand for mobile applications, it is important for Enterprises to adopt functional automation -- automation that enhances the long-term viability of open source stacks. Splicer's portable solution gives Enterprise developers the flexibility and stability they need to meet mobile application demands. 

Low Code Features
"Low code" stacks slash development time by roughly 75% as reported by multiple vendors. Eliminating lock-in, Splicer is the first low code solution to deploy to open source java stacks.

Try It!

Generate Native Data Models and Forms for Enterprise Stacks

Follow the instructions in our free low code blog post, and and then upload your CAM template:


Our server will process your template and return client-server model artifacts. To run them, follow the readme instructions in our sample Spring Boot stack. Feel free to email us with any questions.

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