Our breakthrough automation expedites native, enterprise coding.

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Never stand-up enterprise applications again. Typically, open source software requires significant up-front refinement. Instead, Splicer derives applications from pre-existing data structures -- tailoring open source to a particular vertical. Eliminate speculative coding by starting with a full native prototype. Then own the entire run-time stack with no vendor lock-in.

Easy Model Design

Has IT become a bottleneck for your organization? Fortunately, it's easy to design applications from known data structures. Splicer reads your database schemas via a drag-and-drop UI for object modeling, and model artifact generation. These "model templates" are defined in the open content assembly standard (CAM). Simply select data for various clients, and Splicer does the rest.

Model-Driven Automation

Splicer unlocks non-intrusive automation to synchronize model-related artifacts with your visual design. Your can aggregate from from both relational and NoSQL databases to produce heterogeneous, native models with end-to-end static typesafety. This removes developers from the critical path, and allows other members of the team to participate in the ideal Agile, iterative process.

Native Mobile

Avoid the nightmare of cross-platform interpreters commonly used to make mobile code portable. Splicer supports full native, cross platform development instead. Our tooling generates native entity classes and forms for Android (java), and IOS (Swift) using the modern MVVM design pattern. This architecture essentially extends the ORM paradigm out to mobile clients, which allows developers to access compiled entity classes. Avoid both low value coding, and the technical debt of non-native shortcuts.

Angular, React Web Forms

After graphically picking subsets and combinations from your database schemas, you can generate sample web forms and the corresponding typesafe, typescript data model. Here, we leverage the open Jhipster code generators, described as "Spring Boot + Angular/React in one handy generator". Other notable features are build, optimization, and live reload with Webpack, Browsersync, Yeoman, Bootstrap, and testing with Jest and Protractor.

Full Stack Ideation

Experience true Model-Driven Development (MDD) for Spring Boot. By creating model schemas via CAM templates, you can then generate mobile SDKs, server queries, APIs, model artifacts, and forms. And all of this runs on standard Spring Boot java stacks using the JPA ORM and optional secondary caching. And we support all major enterprise components natively including: NoSql, RDBMS, Android, IOS, React, Angular, Docker, and other various open standards. These open source stacks provide the greatest flexibility and long-term viability.

Low Code Benefits

"Low Code" stacks slash development time by roughly 75%, and eliminate 100s of hours of API wrangling, and associated technical debt. Yet, Splicer is the only solution providing full-stack control at no code cost. Rapid prototyping with Splicer takes engineering out of the critical path. And our products and services are affordable at just a fraction of the cost of hand-coding. That's Splicer - Efficient, Native, Typesafe.

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