Aaron Evans - CEO and Founder

I started my career as a Field Sales Engineer for Intel in Santa Clara, and was featured on the cover of Fortune Magazine at the age of 25. Several significant coding engagements seeded the vision for Splicer. First, with the arrival of the Internet, I helped Pacific Bell Internet build its fledgling ISP business using the first java-based application server named Kiva. Second, with the crash of the dot-com, I developed a handheld scanner application in C++ running on Palm OS for a Diageo-backed startup named Three Deep. Here I was exposed to the deficiencies of SqlLite, and we decided to implement our own template-based, typesafe data store instead. Finally, just prior to the global financial crisis, I worked for a company gutting Fannie Mae’s loan processing system. The Fannie project revealed the incredible power of typed data.

Residing in San Francisco resident during these fascinating years, I worked on numerous startups, and exited the last one, which I founded. Splicer is the product of my 25-year client-server coding career; it combines Enterprise server-side development, compiled client development, and typed data into a powerful, yet open, low code system.

Paul Hummel - Advisor

Mr. Paul Hummel has over 30 years experience in the communications industry and is recognized as one of the most respected and successful information technology leaders in the sector.

Greg Argyle - Advisor

Greg has over 25 years of experience developing, managing and selling landmark application releases such as PC-based UNIX, the first commercial web browser Netscape Communicator, AOL Instant Messenger, Netscape 6 and AOL Communicator. Greg has developed or managed through development software that is in use by more than 100 million people across the globe. Greg has held senior management roles in product development, business development and sales for SCO UNIX, Netscape, AOL, Rent One Online, XTRM and the Kleiner Perkins/Mayfield startup GeoCAST. Greg is currently founder and CTO of RSportz, the global sports network for amature sports.


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